21 March 2009

grey spirits

what is it with you
and ... me?
funny how we
keep meeting up like this ...
it's that poisonous kiss
that will not quit
till it sucks the life out of me
is it you?
or me?
that keeps coming back to this
faux bliss
sometimes i don't know which
you know what i use your for
and i know that is what you let me think
so who is fooling who now?
you lie to me
i lie ... to me
and yet we keep going
on ... and on ...
on and on
this ...
and so we meet again
fetching fetching
kiss ...

20 March 2009


how can you hope to ... unravel
the manifold complexities of my ... mental
you can't understand me unless you understand
my mind is at dance for reasons why yours can't
i guess you're a victim of

15 March 2009


died on a sunday
it rained that day
she was a good

10 March 2009


she broke up with me on thanksgiving day ...
i wasn't thankful till spring time

puff puff give

thoughts of you hit me like
clouds birthed from bong water
as i hold in daydreams till i choke
and then

05 March 2009

random pic (iPhone)

i went into chinatown the other day ... i took a few pictures ... this was one ...

04 March 2009


words come softly today
like skin on neck
like breath behind ear
you smell of desire

passion makes hairs stand at attention
like little soldiers in perfect little rows
i prepare to conquer
what you give to me as a gift
and i take it

love and lust all in one playful motion
we lay in blissful crusty aftermath
limbs intertwined in tangled comfort
as we find restful sleep
and we dream

aroused by closeness and sweat
eyes find each other
like old friends across a room
we say nothing but know what we mean to say
and we know this is home