15 September 2015


You spoke of frolics with Heros and Gods. 
The long lost past of histories romance
spanning across the vast expanse of time ; remote now to many except in dreams.

Somehow I never felt too far removed from events of long long past.
Different life times and yet the same 
vague images burned in my mind; an uncanny sense of familiarity. 

Ideas pushed into the recesses of grey 
matter by 
40 plus a week. 
The grind stone, rat race, hibernatiors of the spirit. 

Every now and then an enigmatical wisdom would surface, some say "old soul". 
Dismissed by rules and boundaries established, proven, set forth by the mutitude.

my only avenue to loose the repressed.
The weapon I wield with a vengeance against the tyrannical constraints placed upon us by the powers that be.
My implement? A pair of Techs magnifying wax. Magnifying expression of word, and yet now a new instrument.  

"The pen is mightier than the sword ..."
So cliche but true. 
A poets love. 
A passion once held deep within, once forgotten, now renewed and reborn.
Baptized by a long lost soul tantamount to my own. 

My thoughts crossing time and space like my soul has decade upon decade. 
Little did I know gregarious species of being are we, You and I.
Liaisons reoccurring over eons. 

... So here we are ... Two life paths meeting in this time ... In this life ... I'm glad to say we met ... I'm not sure what it means or where we go from here but it would be nice to walk this path with you for a while ...