30 May 2009

Just A Thought

Being with someone forever is not just staying with someone ... It's also not leaving ...

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29 May 2009

royal with cheese

.... i am taking a little vacation for some much needed R&R ... so here i am in St. Pete FL! ... coming from the west coast to the east i notice the subtle differences in the culture ... some of the things i notice are pretty amusing if you ask me ... anyway here is a pic of what i am talking about ... more to come ....

09 May 2009

twin burns ...

i guess all i can do
to pass the time
is sit here and think
of the moment when we
first met
and recall vibrations
of energy
that remind me of past
lifetimes ... somehow
it makes me scared and secure
all at once ... upon ...
this time or
that day when we
way back when
and by and by
we live and love
for all