19 June 2009


"when in doubt ... the cosmos will send you all the signs you need to put you back on track ... you just need to be brave enough to read them"

17 June 2009

Wino Blues

sangria sangria
why do you haunt me so
you quench my every desire
i see my eyes
in your rogue
as i bring you to my lips
and taste the fruit of your
full bodied goodness
i relish the ice cold
passion ... goose bumps
anticipation ... savoring
but wait
how dare you
you are the bane of my fantasy

16 June 2009

Iphone Update

So a week without Internet has been taxing on the old mind ... Blogging through the phone has been somewhat of a challange, and mind you, not one I am willing to take on much longer ... Its like after a certian amount of time you just used to the technology ... Texting these blogs with my damn iPhone is not my idea of fun kids ... Ok so it took me awhile to abandon paper ... Yes I was born in a time when rewriting something really ment rewriting it ... Like with a pencil and proof reading with a red pen ... And having a paperback dictionary standing by ... Maybe even a book with grammer tips ... Yea that was high school for me folks ... Come to think of it, the phone was still plugged into the wall and we had this extra long cord that could reach every room in the house ... Wow 20 years ago ... Now I send my blog over the wireless 3g network ... And like magic it appears ... This can only add up to one thing ... It's staring me right in the face ... It's hitting me like stubbing my pinky toe on the end table ... Wow I am getting old ...

sent from my iphone

12 June 2009

Epic Fail

I think the term "epic fail" is really getting over used, and using it is pretty much labeling yourself an idiot ... First off anything worthy of being called "epic" doesn't sound like it should be failing now does it? Furthermore, epically failing really reminds me if of the footage of preflight plane design ... You know the black and white films with the guy and his eagle wings jumping off a cliff or the one with the quad wing cycle powered thing that breaks in half ... You get the picture? Anything that is an "epic fail" maybe wasn't a really sound idea to begin with ...

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