27 June 2015


We make the wrong decisions to get to the right place ...

24 June 2015


Let this poem be 
a cherished embrace from the
Weary Traveler.

Get back to loving yourself 
Dear One.
Do what makes you happy today. 

Take a deep breath.
Watch the sunset.
Look at the stars. 

Hug the ones you love, but remember to
look for happiness inside, and 
not outside yourself. 

Love also lives there inside, and 
is waiting to serve you tea. 
Welcome Friend! We've missed you. 

22 June 2015


I can sit here and think of 
all the things I missed out on; better 
still I can think about all 
my heart covets.
In doing so though; I take
for granted the things 
I have in my possession and 
soon will lose them. 

21 June 2015


I wonder my child why 
are you so confused? 
Why are things so dramatic
for you? 
You are wandering and
I can see that so clearly. 
You keep searching for 
what you think you never had or
what you might have thought you lost. 
The answers are there if you are
brave enough to look at them. 
The missing pieces are there inside because 
you never misplaced them.
All you need to do is some spring cleaning. 

14 June 2015


Celebrate life everyday ... And do it by living not by killing yourself slowly ... 

12 June 2015


I don't put much into chance encounters these days ... But every encounter is a chance at something new ... 

11 June 2015


It's ok to feel My Child.
Surrender to that feeling. 
Bask in it like the morning sun.
Watch it rise and move across the
sky as it sets and becomes the
dusk in your heart.
Now let that feeling go and 
dance in the

10 June 2015


I stopped to smell the roses today ... I don't know if I like the smell ... 

09 June 2015


I miss how we used to sit in the same room and were all quite
just content to let time stand still for a
brief moment lost in
each others

08 June 2015


I think about you when I wake up 
first thing and thoughts of you tuck me in
at night. 
Maybe true love is really codependent behavior? 
The jury is still out. 

07 June 2015


Open yourself up My Child.
Surrender to the here and now.
Do not let yourself get too far ahead nor
become too complacent and lollygag behind.

Right now is where your Love is.
It's in the palm of your hand.
It's on the tip of your tongue.
It's the twinkle in your eye.

Do not overlook the Love
of your life.
You know where to find it Lost One.
Let the Wanderer remind you
that Love is You.

06 June 2015


I want to write but the
words won't come.
I'm feeling some kind of way but I
push it back down.
I never speak about it but It's
there waiting for me. Stalking my
well groomed facade
ready to pounce, and shatter the
walls I put up.
It's there lurking inside. The
Real Me.

05 June 2015


The time and space
between train stations is all
I need to take a deep breath,
and conjure a fleeting vision of you.

I smile the rest of the day.

04 June 2015


I took the long way around
so it seems.
I was never one to make it
easy on myself,
but I got to see the sights, and met some beautiful
Danced, Loved, Lost ...
and now it's time to be still.
Watch, Listen, Breath ...

03 June 2015


I sat and watched the sun set today,
and now I sit with ears and eyes
wide open in The Night.

The sun set on you too,
somewhere and sometime ago.
You sit there in the darkness ... still.

We do not morn the setting of the sun.
Nor do we have fear the next day
will never come. Patience child.

We both know The Night will pass.
We stand at the ready with eyes east,
searching for the light.

We look for the signs of a new dawn to break,
and the dawn will come.
The dawn must come, and
after this long night we will be ready.

02 June 2015


We were both in a dark room
feeling around for a light
Instead I found a door.

I said "let's go."
you said "you go ... I'll catch up ..."
and I stepped through the door on my own
into the light.

01 June 2015


I know you are weary,
my feet hurt just the same.
We are all wandering.
It's ok.
Rest your head on my poem,
let your body, and most important,
your mind be still.
The great traveler told me to seek shelter here.
Drink the cool waters, and quench the spirit.
I will stop here for a time and rest.