29 December 2009

Special Noodle (noo-doh)

i like to eat noodles ... i was going through my iphoto pictures and i was suddenly reminded how much i like noodles ... some people have artsy pictures in their library ... other folks have pictures of night life and family BBQ's ... vacations ... throw in some secret vegas pics that they should delete to round it out and that about sums up the average library ... i have pictures of noodle bowls ... there i said it ... judge me if you will but the truth had to rear is ugly head some time ... where was i? noodles ... these are the big 3 ... Vietnamese Pho ... Thai ... and Japanese Ramen (nagasaki style) ... so yea ... enjoy

like water

water drips in the kitchen
chaotic rhythm rapping on stainless steel
droplets smashed to smithereens
blown apart
but somehow are pulled back together
flowing down the same path
so our spirits should