28 July 2009

to do list for tomorrow*

1) wake up early(before noon)
2) workout(not just WATCHING fitness DVDs)
3) eat healthy breakfast
4) read real newspaper(if dead neighbors subscription did not lapse yet)
5) look for job
6) look for jobs online(if other neighbor is on with unsecured network)
7) ignore any social networking sites
8) catch up on reading(real books)
9) eat healthy lunch
10) look for work
11) ignore any and all video game consoles
12) work on resume(again)
13) more reading
14) write something
15) eat healthy snack
16) run errands
17) pay bills
18) ignore the need for impulse buying at Walmart or Walgreen's
19) talk to creditors of bills not paid(convince them somehow to give you a bail out like they got one)
20) look for work
21) park car in new place to avoid repo man
22) eat healthy dinner
23) avoid impulse to go to Burger King or MacDonald's which is cheaper and faster then healthy food
24) more reading
25) more writing
26) check if TV magically has cable now
27) be thankful you don't have kids
28) go to bed at decent hour (before 3am)
29) be thankful that you at least have your health(try not to laugh at this one)
30) *postpone tomorrow's "to do list" till next week


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