25 September 2009

Christmas(A Time For Giving)

So yes this may seem childish ... but I just had to ... so today I was checking out the old app store and I came across this lovely app for my lovely iPhone ... many of you don't know of my love affair with my iPhone ... I even have a name for her ... of course I must keep that discreet ... but back to the app ... BlogPress! total on the go posting ... In my excitement i quickly downloaded it to my phone and like a kid at christmas ... i'm downstairs in a sea of wrapping paper opening ALL the presents including my brother's ... and then I realize ... oh crap what now? ... hmmm ... well its christmas time again folks ... where would I use such a thing ... will the sudden urge to blog hit me like a case of IBS? ... will something happen to me in public that will force me to stop what I am doing, jot it down and post the event? will I walk around like the blog police (iPhone holster and all) ... lurking, waiting for the blog worthy moment? will my blog turn into Twitter???????  ... well i don't think ill be posting like twitter here any time soon, but the app sure is cool ... so let this post be a warning to you all ... I am out there among you ... and yes now I have BlogPress ...

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