17 December 2010

kid shizz

When I was a kid we used to play hide and seek at the middle school across the street ... In the fields of dead grass, dirt patches and dandelions ... i would play for hours and hours on end ... this of course was before i had any concept of time or responsibility ... I remember coming home to drink a glass of watermelon kool aid and having to stop to take a rock out of my shoe along with a number of cat tails stuck in my socks ... Mom would let us stay out until dusk ... And I remember the excitement me and a few other kids felt when we seen the moon in the sky with it still day light out ... this somehow was us cheating moms rules cause technically it was night time if the moon was out ... we lived in a group of apartments ... blue collar families ... groups of kids ... along the back there used to be a storm creek ... I remember walking down "creek road" as the baby frogs were just starting to learn how you jump ... and the dirt road was littered with smashed frog guts, far too many to avoid stepping on underfoot .. along the creek road was an old abandoned house ... built in the style of old plantation but at that time i was too young to know what that was or even cared for that matter ... all i remember was that old house was a place of mystery ... another world ... one that a young boys imagination would carry him toward infinity and back ... there i would lay flat on my back looking toward the sky and clouds ... there it was just me, my thoughts, the smell of honeysuckle in my nose and the taste of apple now or laters ... there in the high grass while the willow trees stood guard on my daydreams ...


Anonymous said...

"Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore, but somedays I wish I was a kid again".

Damn, those were the days. I miss it so. I was a tomboy back then, being one of a couple girls that used to roll around with my younger brothers and male cousins. We'd cruise around our neighborhood in North/West Berkeley all day on our bmx bikes, like there wasn't a care in the world. We'd start out early and come home after sunset, in between, causing all kinds of innocent mischiefs: climbing neighbors fences to steal fruits from their trees and running off giggling in fright as we heard people coming close or yelling,"Hey!"...haha. We'd go build forts at the nearby Aquatic Park or go "fishing" and ziplining at Strawberry Creek. Things just seemed so much more innocent then. Do kids even go outside and entertain themselves anymore? They are usually sitting in front of a t.v. with their xbox and wii machines. We used our imagination!


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