10 February 2009

aaaa ... yea

... the afore mentioned title of this piece just so happens to be one of my favorite catch phrases ... almost always dished out with a hint of sarcasm ... apropos that i use it on the first of many rants, as i make my foray into the realm of the blogging scene ... aaaaa yea ... has a certain ring to it ... i can hear it now, years later as i look back on my memoirs, the phrase synonyms with my writing career ... aaaa yea? well? we shall see ... we shall see indeed ... so now let us begin at the beginning someone eloquently put it ... it had taken some time for me to put together a theme for my blog ... i seen so many over the past months and i didn't know which direction to take mine ... i mean for real ... you got the pro foodie blogs(i like some of those) ... i'm a fan of a couple of music blogs(self explanatory) ... i seen some product review blogs(very funny) ... political blogs(witty very witty) ... corporate blogs(some of those guys are really pigs) ... and finally, the average real person blog like mine ... i'm not going to write under an assumed name ... most of the things i write about are going to be real events and inspired by real people or places (names will be changed to protect the innocent) ... you most likely are going to get the occasional opinion with a young minority's slant ... and yes the real reason for this blog ... poetry ... so sit back, buckle your seat beat, let's get ready to rumble, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, and any other over used catch phase in blogdom .... without further ado ... welcome to my blog ...


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