05 February 2009

open your eyes

I'm sick of all the puffy foo foo
shit i been reading these days
love this love that
oh how cute ... oh how nice
i read poems about how lovely the sun is
or fucked up poems about shoes
or some major fucked up shit about
someone in love one day
then break up the next day
only to find true love
2 weeks later in someone else?
give me a fucken break
with your fucked up lines
and your fucked up rhyming shit
i want some reality and I'm not talking TV
or Anna Nic or Posh Spice
i am talking real shit
about civil war
US soldiers
getting killed and maimed
for higher oil profits and a US friendly Arab state
Weapons of Mass Destruction = War On Terror
NO Weapons of Mass Destruction = War On Terror
say what?
all the while the press diverts your attention with Extra and ET
MTV BET CMT anything with asses and bling
how about some really hot shit like genocide in Africa
Rwanda Darfur
humans killing humans
but you don't know because your world is so small and
only includes Vegas LA and Miami
so you need something a little bit closer to home or
something right in front of your eyes
yea that's it
how about that guy
that you ignored while you walk on by
with that wad of cash that you got in your pocket
only to feed the corrupted backward ass corporate Starbucks
how does that mocha taste now?
flavored with the blood of nations upon nations
the blood of natives and slaves
the sweat and tears
of immigrants and stowaways
political refugees
order up that oppression and discrimination
over sexual orientation
and color
oh yea add whip
on the shit ...
But you can't taste it because you don't see it
so you don't know it
so it's not there
and that is just exactly what they want

open your eyes ... think ... express ...


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