10 August 2009

social networking site lurkers

i reworked a poem i recently posted ... this is the newer version ... i kinda like it a little better ... hope you don't mind

social networking site lurkers

my pages show up like
words projected to the
back wall of my
brain all upside down and
you see what i let you ... see
you know what i let you ... know
and still you think you know more
little hobgoblins
lurking in the shadows
under crumbling glass houses
shaped like 1's and zero's
raining down shards like
crumbs from pan de dulce
shallow gawking velociraptors
deboning me like
a Costco rotisserie chicken with
greasy knuckles ripping
flesh from bones that
kitchen shears crack
open marrow spilling out
intermingling with
congealed fat tossing into
green organic compost bins
discarding me in a
millisecond but
you could never know
me at a glance
so why do you even


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