19 August 2009

it's just me

maybe its just me but i really get tired of some on my friends complaining about the same shit ... most times i am that guy to lend a sympathetic ear or shoulder to cry on ... there are few times where i am even asked to give advice which i rarely do ... but since i am ALWAYS right, i try to help my close peeps out when they ask ... i just wish at those times i would just email myself the day i give my words of wisdom ... paying close attention to details ... i would list the situation and advice given ... i would also make sure to include my predicted outcome if my advice was not followed ... then send it to myself ... that way when the shit hits the fan and someone comes grovelling back to me talking about how they didn't follow the advice, i would just tell them to save it and send them the email with the date and the label as I TOLD YOU SO!!! hahaha!!!! i wish that sometimes really i do ... but i would never trample on a friend like that ... still ... i should do the email thing anyway so that i would have written proof to myself at least that i am ALWAYS right ...


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