02 September 2009

down with the red pen

I really hate using sentences, and real punctuation. It actually reminds me of high school. I hated high school. I was the consummate slacker. No really, I would take pride in doing the minimal amount of homework but would always ace the test. Most of my teachers hated me for that, and I am sure they secretly were thinking they were going to catch me cheating. I'm sure they all had daydreams about catching me in the act and marching me down to the Dean's office in shame. I never did cheat though. My English teacher, which i loathed, was the bane of my senior year. Required class, No style, No fun, basically everything that was anti-cool. Imagine my favorite subject being taught by an old, set in her ways, teacher on the brink of retirement. Yes it was not fun. I dropped out of college but not before taking a few English classes. That ingrained in me a love for reading poetry at least. It wasn't until a brutal break up and the inspiration of a friends blog back in 2000 something that I began to write my own blog. It has evolved into what it is today. There are no accidents here. I write it in the fashion I think it. In my head there are no sentences or punctuation marks! So because of that my blog is just one huge stream of thoughts strung together by the ellipse (...). So I just felt i should share that. Plus its the easy way out of posting something right about now. I have severe writers block.


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