21 January 2011


i thought about you today and
i wonder if you thought of me too ...
maybe at that very moment as
i looked up into the azure clear sky
my head in the puffy white spring clouds ...
my gait ... a little swag
knowing you are mine ...

i thought about you today and
your eyes ... your throat ... the nape of your neck ... your collar ... bone
where my kisses linger
my fingers frolic like
kids in the high grass mid summers bliss ...

I thought about you today and
I can't remember the last time I seen you but
I feel you right now as i
pen these lines and
i know time or distance means nothing to the soul and
we wander through corridors
just missing each other now
but fated to be together
again and yet
it feels so far away but
so near at the same time and

i thought about you today ...

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Anonymous said...


What a lucky girl she must be. You're so dreamy.


Angel Geden said...

I love this.

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