24 July 2009

dirty 30

so here we are ... blog post number 30 ... wow! it is a milestone for me ... i am sure there will be many more to come ... but i wanted to sit back and relish this ... sure this blog hasn't taken off like i imagined it would ... i guess a part of me wanted to get picked up by some big internet ad company and i would just sit back and watch the cash start rolling in ... i could quit my job(wait i don't have one) and sit around all day in my underwear, playing xbox, eating a mixture of pork rinds and cheetos, downing mountain dew, while spewing forth anything that came to mind and getting paid for it(hummm sounds like my life minus the getting paid part) ... instead i find myself like a second rate comedian, standing on stage, for an empty house (other then the shit face drunk, and foreign tourist, that stumbled upon the joint ... you know the guy, not fully understanding what's going on, but just hanging around because they don't know of anything else better to do) ... tapping the mic asking "is this thing on???"(cue crickets) ... and i ask IS THIS THING ON? ... well the lack of comments and readers doesn't get me down ... oh no ... the lack of corporate sponsors does not keep me up at night or make or break my blog ... i really don't give a rats ass who does or doesn't read this ... i am strictly here to write some shit for myself ... whether you hear me or not ... feel me or not ... smell me or not ... i am going to keep on keeping on ... so yea, as i sit here, in my star wars PJ's, sipping on yoohoo, eating fruit roll ups,(aaaa yea) i celebrate my 30th blog ... and to quote the immortal Rick James ... "its a celebration bitches!"


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